Parents' service
Parent's service

Pregnant women or young parents often pose the question: How does that work? We are certain, we can answer your question.

Our parent service will be happy to help and can be reached at
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Nutrition plan

Töpfer’s nutrition plan not only includes the latest scientific findings, but also the experience of highly qualified employees, most of whom are parents themselves. Please read here which nutrition is optimal for your baby in its respective stage of development.

Nutrition plan

Mamacare by Töpfer: Know what is in it

Long before the baby tummy becomes visible, many pregnant women have already noticed changes in their body. The hair growth changes, the connective tissue loses its firmness and some expectant mothers do not recognize their own skin. These are all natural changes in the body, which are attributable to hormonal changes. Töpfer developed the Mamacare line that has natural ingredients and is tailored to your needs so that you continue to feel comfortable. While developing Mamacare, the ingredients were important to us because they are absorbed by the mother’s skin and transferred to the baby. Therefore, the ingredients have to be completely harmless so they do not affect mother and child negatively. In other words: you can rely on the natural beautifiers in Mamacare.

Töpfer Babynahrung

Massage & body oil

One important ingredient in Mamacare massage & body oil is argan oil, named the “gold of Morocco”. The oil supports cell renewal, preserves against loss of moisture, prevents skin ageing, and helps prevent stretch marks. In addition, argan oil is rich in vitamin E, which fights off free radicals. In addition, we use marula oil as a massage and care oil. Produced from the seeds of the marula tree, marula oil is characterised by its lipid-replenishing and moisture-binding properties. It is therefore used for dry, cracked skin. In addition, it reduces skin redness and helps make the skin smooth. Shea butter, another ingredient, is well known to many as a genuine moisturizer. We have taken advantage of this property and used the butter to make the skin smooth and retain moisture. Lastly, we add olive oil: Apart from its use in cooking, olive oil is ideally suited for use in skin care and for massages. This is because it has a warming effect and nurtures the skin. And we also know that it helps make the skin supple.

Nipple cream

Especially in the initial stages of breastfeeding, the nipples are still very sensitive and require special care. Our nipple cream therefore contains calendula blossoms, which are said to have a healing effect. Since the cream is a natural product, it does not have to be removed before you nurse again.

Cooling leg balm

Many expectant women know the feeling all too well: tired, heavy legs. However, there is a cure for it – Mamacare leg balm. We have processed arnica, an intensive yellow flower from the mountain regions of central and Eastern Europe, which supports the function of the skin naturally and stimulates the blood circulation. In addition, sea buckthorn berry oil, which regenerates and soothes the skin. Through its ability to reinforce the skin’s own protective layer, it gives the skin new elasticity. Organic olive, argan and jojoba oils care for your skin and give it a pleasant feeling. In addition, the ingredient menthol has a pleasant cooling effect on your legs.