Parents' service
Parent's service

Pregnant women or young parents often pose the question: How does that work? We are certain, we can answer your question.

Our parent service will be happy to help and can be reached at
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Nutrition plan

Töpfer’s nutrition plan not only includes the latest scientific findings, but also the experience of highly qualified employees, most of whom are parents themselves. Please read here which nutrition is optimal for your baby in its respective stage of development.

Nutrition plan

The milk is the essence

Töpfer milk formulas are produced according to the latest scientific findings and made from the best organic milk in Allgäu. A mix that guarantees the best quality for the wellbeing of your child. Please read here to find out the exact ingredients in our milk. In addition, we have drawn up instructions for you on how to prepare the milk in the FAQs.

Töpfer Babynahrung

Allgäu organic milk

For the most part, the organic milk used in our infant and follow-on milks originates from organic farms in the districts of Oberallgäu, Ostallgäu, Kempten, Unterallgäu, and Westallgäu. Small amounts of the organic milk (up to a maximum of 5%) may originate from Landsberg am Lech nearby. Of course, it also has organic quality. Just as important as the high degree of milk quality is the respectful consideration of nature, short transport routes, as well as close contact and fair dealings with the farmers and the dairies. Therefore, the organic milk comes from small family-run organic farms, where the cows are free to graze on the meadows to the extent the weather permits this in the Allgäu region. Genetically unmodified fodder and a ban on meat and bone meal go without saying.


You have surely read this on our packages: LC-PUFA. What does this mean? LC-PUFA (Long Chain Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acids) are long chain poly-unsaturated fatty acids such as DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and AA (arachidonic acid), which the human organism is not able to produce on its own. However, these fatty acids are crucial for the development of the nervous system, the brain and vision. As a rule, infants take in these LC-PUFAs through the mother’s milk. For babies that are not breastfed, the intake of LC-PUFAs in the baby formula is therefore very important.


Probifido is a mixture of 4 different bifido cultures. We have added this mixture to our milk for decades now


Probiotics are living microorganisms, which enter the intestine in sufficient amounts and, in doing so, bring about positive effects. Among the most important representatives of probiotic microorganisms are lactobacilli (lactic acid bacteria) and bifido bacteria. They counteract abnormal bacterial populations with harmful intestinal pathogens and ensure a natural and balanced intestinal flora.

A small side note: organic or bio-farming

Organic or bio-farming is a form of agricultural land use in its entirety. The chief idea of organic farming is cultivation in harmony with nature and a closed cycle of materials to the highest degree possible. For example, crop growing and livestock farming are closely associated as a rule. The minimum guidelines that govern organic farming include animal welfare, which is appropriate in terms of the operating space, the use of tried and tested crop varieties and breeds, fodder from the farm itself or other organic farms, no tolerance for cruelty to animals during animal transports, no genetic engineering, as much regional marketing as possible, preservation of ground water resources, two to four-field crop rotation, and a ban on artificial fertilisers and chemical pesticides.  The further processing of food may only be carried out using authorised food ingredients, which of course rule out any chemicals. Organic foods and their producers are subject to regular controls so that the consumer can be certain that he is using an organic product when it is labelled organic. Independent control authorities appointed and certified by the state carry out these controls on the farms.