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Táplálkozási terv

A Töpfer táplálkozási terve nemcsak a legújabb tudományos eredményeket foglalja magába, hanem a képzett alkalmazottainak tapasztalatait is, akik maguk is szülők. Itt olvashatod el, hogy milyen életszakaszban milyen táplálkozás a legjobb a baba számára.

Táplálkozási terv


Eventually, it was time to record the guidelines of our company policy in order to have a binding basis for all actions in the company. Our philosophy is laid out sustainably for the long term and emphasises our claim to Quality.


Role model: nature

Töpfer has chosen nature as its role model. We wish to recognise the solution principles of nature and transfer these to our products. Moreover, as a domiciled company in the Allgäu region, we feel committed to using the resources responsibly in harmony with nature. After all, the decision for our products should always be a “natural decision”.



Since 1911, we have been producing qualitatively first-class and safe products for infants and adults. We want to continue living up to this claim. Our success is based amongst other things on our longstanding experience, our close connection to science, as well as the intensive, systematic and harmonious working relationship with our employees. This is a good basis to continue growing steadily and expand our position in the market. In doing so, we advocate economically oriented company management and the scope for development required therefor. We act accordingly both within as well as outside of the company, for example, with our commitment in social areas. Honouring our responsibility for coming generations, we have set ourselves the goal of sustainability and environmental compatibility.

Customer orientation

The customer is the focus of our decisions. For this reason, all actions of our company are oriented consistently towards the customers.  Quality, adherence to delivery dates, prices, and customer service serve as benchmarks for customer satisfaction. We wish to satisfy the consumer’s desire for healthy nutrition and natural/biological products, the wish for special nutritional products, as well as natural cosmetics for children and nature-related cosmetics for adults. We wish to provide our customers with safe products. For this purpose, we have implemented an extensive HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), which includes dealing with substances that constitute allergenic potential for some of the consumers. We wish to produce our products in consistently high quality with the promised effect, and bring them onto the market at fair market prices. We wish to provide our customers in retail and contract manufacturing with a wide range of products and services tailored to their requirements so that they are able to be competitive in their overall performance.

Quality culture

Each employee is responsible for quality. In our opinion, quality does not stop at the product itself; we attach just as much importance to the quality of our actions. Using suitable measures, we place the concept of quality repeatedly in the foreground and particularly emphasise production safety in the process. For this purpose, an extensive HACCP system is maintained and cultivated. In addition, we have implemented the requirements catalogue of the International Food Standard.


Environmental protection

Environmental protection is of great importance for the sustainability of our business processes. We therefore wish to meet this challenge. Our ambition is to protect resources and minimise their use from year to year. Renewable resources take priority. In order to effectively organise the preservation of the environment in the company, we foster ecological awareness of our employees through information and training courses. By using environmental-friendly technologies, we reduce harmful effects to the environment.
Our packaging planning is subject to the dictate of minimisation, i.e. amongst other things, we give preference to recyclable packing materials on principle. The environmentally relevant output is constantly monitored and documented in key figures. Our company does not use any pesticides such as herbicides, insecticides or fungicides.