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Táplálkozási terv

A Töpfer táplálkozási terve nemcsak a legújabb tudományos eredményeket foglalja magába, hanem a képzett alkalmazottainak tapasztalatait is, akik maguk is szülők. Itt olvashatod el, hogy milyen életszakaszban milyen táplálkozás a legjobb a baba számára.

Táplálkozási terv

New look & new recipes!

Dear partents,

there is something new.

Not only the look of our brand has changed, we also changed the recipes of our baby nutrition.


But why?

We re-designed our infant- and follow on nutrition according the newly changed regulation which is in force since February 22nd, 2020. For hypoallergenic infant milk formulas this will be valid only as of February 22nd, 2021.

Töpfer Babynahrung

The most important at a glance

  • Increase of the content of long chained polyunsaturated fatty acids in the Töpfer Lactana Bio Pre, 1, 2 and 3
  • New composition of different vitamins and minerals
  • New composition of the energy content so it comes closer to breastmilk

Here you can find the most important information.

There are detailed requirements about the ingredients of infant nutrition so babies get all necessary nutrients. With the latest adaption our recipes are even more designed to fulfil baby´s needs. Our organic quality and our high standards will of course remain.

Has the quality of our infant formula changed? No!

As we´ve always done, we keep on developing our products based on newest findings and studies. And with the newest change of recipes our baby nutrition will be tailor made for baby´s needs also in future.

PS: Safety and quality are from highest priority for us. The choice of our raw materials and the production of Töpfer baby nutrition is constantly controlled.

When will the new recipes be in the shops?

Our milk products with the adapted recipe will be available in the shops beginning of 2020. You can identify them by the new look of our packaging.


What shall I do with the old boxes?

You can use up all old products as normal.

Ideally you replace the old formula bottle by bottle. So the digestion of your little one can get used to the new product slowly and gently. For a certain period of time, both recipes will be on shelf in parallel, so the baby has enough time to get acquainted with the new formula.

Shall I preferably buy only the new packs?

There is no need to focus only on the new ones.

You can use both, or even switch among them as the change in recipe is not tremendous. But please use only the foreseen dosing spoon for the respective pack.

What is new?

Polyunsaturated fatty acids

We have adjusted the content of these important fatty acids to the new legal value and shown this in more detail in the nutritional values table.

What is DHA?

DHA means Docosahexaenoic acid and is a long chained polyunsaturated fatty acid (Omega 3).

Your baby needs it for a healthy development of the brain- and nerve-cells. It is very important also for the eyesight. DHA comes naturally with the breastmilk. We supplement it to our Töpfer infant formula to supply your baby with this nutrient, even it doesn´t get breastfed.

Adaption of energy content

We adjusted the dosing instruction according to the newest scientific findings of the daily intake of energy for babies.

Vitamins and minerals

The latest scientific knowledge for baby nutrition has been published. The new EU legislation has been adapted accordingly. It stipulates the minimum and maximum quantities for all vitamins and minerals, to make sure that your baby will continue to get the optimum nutrition from our Töpfer organic baby food.