Parents' service
Parent's service

Pregnant women or young parents often pose the question: How does that work? We are certain, we can answer your question.

Our parent service will be happy to help and can be reached at
+49 (0) 8374-934 222 or

Nutrition plan

Töpfer’s nutrition plan not only includes the latest scientific findings, but also the experience of highly qualified employees, most of whom are parents themselves. Please read here which nutrition is optimal for your baby in its respective stage of development.

Nutrition plan

Help for the most vulnerable

It is just natural for a company that is so closely attached to its home region, to support the people in the area. Und what is more fitting than for Töpfer to help children in need?



In regular intervals, Töpfer donates baby food to almost all parts of the world via this humanitarian organisation. Humedica knows what is required and where, and is well known for its quick and uncomplicated support.
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toepfer_engagement_derbuntekreisDer bunte Kreis.
This charitable association has been active for over 10 years and looks after the interests of critically ill children. Regardless of whether it concerns self-help groups, assisting with stays at the hospital, or unbureaucratic financial support. We help by assuming the operational costs for one of the vehicles with which the aftercare nurses drive to their young patients.
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Sometimes, family life turns out to be more difficult than one anticipated. How wonderful it is then to be able to turn to professional support – such as Koki. “Koordination Kinder” (coordination children) supports young families in difficult everyday situations, accompanies these families on short notice, and organises suitable help. We support the work with donations as well as advice concerning the topics of baby food and baby care.
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Kinderbrücke Allgäu.
People in need. Strokes of fate, sickness and excessive demands throw people off course and cause confusion in their lives. Those who suffer most are children; unbureaucratic and courageous help is often necessary. Kinderbrücke Allgäu has committed itself to helping and supporting children and their families who have run into difficulties. Töpfer supports this important social work with donations in kind.
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toepfer_engagement_allgaeuer_werkstaettenAllgäuer Werkstätten.
In 1975, the Allgäuer Werkstätten were founded by a parent initiative of the local Lebenshilfe (association to help and counsel disabled people). It was and remains today a concern of parents and caregivers to help children and those requiring care to lead a more normal life. The integration into a work process and meaningful social contacts make this possible under the auspices of the Allgäuer Werkstätten. Job offers specially adapted to people with disabilities in combination with support and education are the essence of the tasks. Contracts from private enterprises, which the Allgäuer Werkstätten carry out in excellent quality, help fulfil the task of society as a whole. Among other things, we support the work of the Allgäuer Werkstätten by giving them packaging and packing tasks.

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