Parents' service
Parent's service

Pregnant women or young parents often pose the question: How does that work? We are certain, we can answer your question.

Our parent service will be happy to help and can be reached at
+49 (0) 8374-934 222 or

Nutrition plan

Töpfer’s nutrition plan not only includes the latest scientific findings, but also the experience of highly qualified employees, most of whom are parents themselves. Please read here which nutrition is optimal for your baby in its respective stage of development.

Nutrition plan

Naturally, we act out of conviction

For over 100 years now, mothers and fathers have placed their trust in us when it comes to the wellbeing of their child. This trust has encouraged us to use organically grown raw materials increasingly, assume responsibility for the environment and nature, and show respect towards both customers and employees as well as our suppliers. With this rationality and our high degree of innovative capacity, we have succeeded in becoming one of the leading producers of baby food and baby cosmetics of organic quality in Germany. Word has spread to other parts of the globe and in the meantime, we have partners in many East European countries, in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Russia, and many other parts of the world. To be honest: we are proud of this trust and determined to maintain our quality.



The people at our side

One thing is clear: without the unprecedented commitment of our employees, our products would not exist. Ultimately, their knowledge and own responsible actions are among the reasons that the quality is right, that the first-class raw materials are available and that operations run smoothly. We, as conscientious employers, are committed to treating our employees with respect and appreciation, creating a pleasant workplace for them, and providing them with an opportunity to continue their education and training – and this applies for professional people of all ages and in every situation in life. Therefore, we always have trainees at our plant who work in different professions, and we are happy that some of our employees have been working for 20 years or longer to produce outstanding products.